Tips to Learn French Before Your Trip

How about learning French on your own? Check out websites, apps and YouTube channels to learn French online for free

French is one of the most charming and most spoken languages in the world! There are approximately 270 million natives spread throughout the five continents.

If you\’re thinking about learning French for free, there are countless online possibilities, such as Youtube channels, apps, websites, and Podcasts.

Below, we have selected several platforms that offer free French classes, with emphasis on students who are beginning or have intermediate knowledge of the language.

Tips to Learn French For Free
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Sites to Learn French (Free)


Kultivi offers French classes 100% free of charge. You can register and study whenever and wherever you want. You will also get PDF material to download and follow your progress.

The site also offers online courses in other languages. It has, in total, more than 4 thousand classes and thousands of students.

Très Bien French

Très Bien French is a great website to learn the french basics (vocabulary, sentences, verbs, grammar). 

All the classes are taught through audio, lessons based in real situations, pronunciation exercises and quizes.


BBC Languages is a great way to learn free french. With a friendly layout, the website offers games, exercises, videos, audio clips and other free online material.

TV5 Monde

TV5 Monde offers classes, tests, videos, quizzes and pages to interact with other users to train your vocabulary. The platform also has a french dictionary.

Tips to Learn French For Free
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Apps toLearn French For Free


Duolingo is an old acquaintance of people who love studying new languages. One of the best known apps for free classes not only in French, but in Spanish, Italian and other languages as well.

With a friendly interface, the app offers fun exercises that help the user acquire more vocabulary and grammar rules.


With dynamic and interactive methodologies, Babbel has lessons from beginner to advanced levels. In it, the user can improve vocabulary, reading, writing and conversation.


Available for Android and Iphone, Memrise teaches languages in a dynamic and fun game format. Although it offers a free version, the app also has an additional paid version, which offers access to other games and offline functions.


Tandem is a social network where you can learn french with a native speaker interested in learning your language.

You can talk through writing, audio clips or video calls.

YouTube Channels to Learn French

Learn French with Vincent

The channel has over 460 thousand subscribers and over 230 thousand videos.

The lessons are divided into 40 units, progressively, each with 15 to 20 lessons. There are also exercises and quizzes on various subjects, taught in English.

French and Studies in France IFESP

The Institute of French and European Studies of São Paulo (IFESP) channel offers French courses, with short classes of about 3 to 8 minutes long.

Français avec Pierre

Pierre is french and offers classes to people from all over the world through his YouTube channel. There are dozens of videos on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, popular sayings and study tips.

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Online French Classes for Your Trip

Those who are at home because of the pandemic and want to use their spare time to learn a new language have a new opportunity. As well as several online courses available on various platforms, the traditional Alliance Française school is now offering online French classes. The classes are aimed at beginners so it doesn’t require a prior knowledge of the language. 

According to the institution, the classes are dynamic and taught by professors specialized in FLE (French as a Foreign Language). The idea is to teach students some simple actions, how to introduce themselves and express their tastes and preferences. It is a free opportunity to start learning French in a reference school. 

To register and hold a place for yourself, just click here. It is important to remember that new classes are launched every Tuesday. 

Podcasts to Learn French

Pop Shot

If you love pop culture, this podcast is for you. Pop Shot by Radio Campus Paris has several episodes on the latest events in the world of pop: songs, artists and news.

Coffee Break French

The Coffee Break French podcast talks about several subjects of French culture. All episodes are on travel, daily habits and tips about the country.

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