Digital Nomad: 20 Jobs & Professions to Work as You Travel

Living without a steady address may seem like a distant dream, but more and more people are abandoning their stable careers in large corporations to challenge themselves in a nomad life. Therefore, working with a notebook in a paradise beach or in a mountain cottage is no longer just a reality for those entrepreneurs we see on TV. So, check out 20 ideal jobs for you to work while traveling the world as a digital nomad.

The coronavirus crisis has shown different companies that it is really possible to work remotely. Some experts believe that this will be the future of jobs around the world.

According to the Italian sociologist Domenico De Masi, on average ⅓ of the world\’s jobs can be done remotely with the technology we have today. So if you are an IT professional or a translator, you can do your work without an office. 

In fact, economy-wise, this would be good for companies, since the time and effort used for daily commute could be reversed into work and results. Besides, obviously, having  satisfied employees with more freedom to think about work and life itself allows a better relationship between companies and employees.

Moreover, the sociologist justifies his views with a basic calculation: if, in New York or London, people spend an average of 1 or 2 hours a day on their way to work and we suppose that this person works only on working days, they lose almost 10 hours a week.

Work as You Travel
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How Do I Know if My Job Can Be Done Remotely as a Digital Nomad?

If your work demands basically a phone and the internet, you can surely do what you already do living in Japan, the Caribbean or South America. Many people just take a fly and try a new lifestyle after get a deal in their current jobs to take on a remote work style. However, for this to work, the employee\’s commitment needs to be even greater than before, and there must be discipline to keep up with deadlines.

Other people leave their professional lives once and for all and look for other ways to work while traveling, but with some adjustments you can also put your career in your backpack and go on a trip with more flexible dates, allowing a different lifestyle without giving up on what you already do. Check out some of these jobs and leave a comment with your own suggestions!

Digital Nomad
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Digital Nomad: Professions That Can to Work While Traveling

1. Administrator

Much of an administrator\’s work routine is done through commercial contacts and constant analysis of reports with the financial, commercial and operational departments. There are also meetings and analysis of new business that can be done remotely. Therefore, a manager is one of the professionals that can work while traveling the world.

2. IT Professionals and Developers

In general, technology professionals have the great advantage of remote work. They can develop software, create websites and applications using only their computer, as well as working for companies from various segments on a freelance basis. Great opportunity for those who want to work traveling the world.

3. Translators

Highly quoted by multinationals from varied markets, translation professionals solve a large part of their corporate day with email exchanges and virtual meetings. Thus, they gain the possibility of working and traveling the world. With a structured client portfolio, this can be the right profession for people who identify with foreign languages and want to travel.

4. Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is the creative professional who develops the graphic arts for companies and advertising agencies. Like most communication professionals, the designer can also reconcile his projects at work with a life of eternal travel.

5. Coaches and Consultants

They basically function as corporate psychologists and help small, medium and large entrepreneurs to make their ventures more profitable. The work is done with market and competition analysis to help companies’ routines. If you have experience in a particular sector, you can use this knowledge to help smaller companies improve their performance and get paid for it! So, coaches and consultants have several advantages, including working and traveling the world.

6. Stock Exchange Analyst

You\’ve got some money on hold and want to invest? Financial analysts work by buying and selling stocks on the stock market. All online. The professionals who work in these areas do not need to be in offices and can work using only a smartphone from anywhere on the planet!

7. Salesperson / Sales Representative

Sales representatives and sales executives work prospecting and serving customers in certain companies. Some of these professionals do their jobs only with calls and emails, working from home or from a café in Paris.

8. On-line Service

With the growing number of brands launching their service websites and online stores, more and more companies are looking for this type of professional to meet new online service consumer demands. For this to work, you only need a phone and internet.

9. Journalist, Writer and Content Producer

For journalists and content producers, maintaining freelance life is not so difficult, since writing is their main work tool and practically everything revolves around it. Script meetings, interviews and field trips can also be reconciled with travel and a nomadic life. Therefore, it is one of the ideal professions to work while traveling the world.

10. Accountant and Tax Consultant

Accounting professionals and tax consultants work on a daily basis solving tax and legal issues for institutions and companies. They can work in offices or be liberal professionals.

11. Advertising

You can work as an account executive, web developer, production assistant or creative professional. It is normal for advertising agencies to open spaces for remote careers, there are several positions that allow that and it can be an alternative for those who want to work traveling the world.

12. Insurance Analyst

Depending on the company, an insurance analyst may work remotely or while traveling. A trained professional and a minimum structure are already enough for the employee himself to set up his work space anywhere in the world.

13. Social Media Analyst Can Be a Digital Nomad

They create content, supply brands\’ social networks, provide virtual services and work on the brand\’s relationship with consumers. More and more companies need social networks to stay alive in the market, and to do so, they depend directly on these professionals who work mostly online or on a smartphone. That’s amazing!

14. Marketing Assistant

A notebook, a good smartphone and several reports make up the marketing assistant\’s professional life. He does the planning and management of advertising strategies and campaigns and can be a freelance professional or a fixed employee at a company and work traveling the world.

15. New Business Executive

Follow new trends and contribute with new business that strengthen companies’ development. An executive like this adds value and ideas to certain brands through their market vision and network.

16. Artists

It is very common, especially in tourist spots, to see a large concentration of foreign street artists living and working. They perform in bars, hotels, cruises and even on the streets. Do you have any extraordinary talent and want to win the world? That way, any busy square can be your next stage.

17. Video Editor

Do you edit internet videos, band clips or business footage? You can work as a freelance video editor, working with a mobile editing island and internet access. Without a doubt, this is just another profession that allows you to work remotely from anywhere you want. This way, video editors fit into the professionals with the possibility to travel the world.

18. Screenwriter

If you work with creative writing or write plays, TV, film or advertising scripts, you can set up your company or work as a freelancer for agencies and production companies all over the country only with your computer.

19. Press Advisor

Write and send agenda suggestions, go to meetings and help your clients. The press advisor\’s flexible routine certainly allows them to work for several customers at once, and it is a great job for those who want to work remotely.

20. Planning Assistant

This is a creative professional who needs to be tuned into the new trends in their market. He creates a complete map to start a certain project and assists in managing costs and operations. Depending on the niche you work in, such as advertising, anywhere in the world can become your office, being one of the professions to work in while traveling.

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