Game Of Thrones Destinations: 5 Locations in Real Life

This selection shows five sets from the TV series Game of Thrones. The best thing is they are real places and can be seen on a road trip

 Game of Thrones began its first season in 2011 on HBO and became a worldwide phenomenon. Millions of fans around the world waited anxiously for each season and for “winter to come” in several different languages.

 Throughout 8 seasons and set in hundreds of amazing landscapes, Game of Thrones guaranteed an enthusiastic and faithful audience. Some even want to get close to the scenery used in the filmings. Some scenes were actually produced in real places and are open for tours.  

 So, nothing better than making a plan to visit and relive the series’ scenes. Thinking about that, our team brought 5 road trip options for those who love the series. Want to know where Game of Thrones was filmed? Check out our selection and organize your next trip. 

Slip and Dubrovnik, Croatia 

 Croatia has two unforgettable sceneries from the series: Split and Dubrovnik. The first destination is located near Zagreb, and you can rent a car for US$ 22,40 a day and travel 410 km to Split. Some scenes from the fifth season were filmed in Diocletian\’s Palace, located in the city.

 The Kliss fortress is nearby, which was also one of the places where scenes were shot. It is located on a mountain with a great view of the city of Split and the Adriatic Sea.

 To go from Split to Dubrovnik, take a highway. But, when you arrive at the city, its medieval theme will captivate you, as it was used for filming during all first five seasons. Among the tourist attractions, there is the home of royalty, the Red Fortress, which is actually an eleventh-century building, Fort Lovrijenac.

Image: fjaka /Flickr

Belfast, Northern Ireland 

 Whoever visits Ireland probably goes to explore the capital, a charming Dublin, that hosts thousands of exchange students and admirers of Irish culture. A tip is to go to the city, visit all the main attractions, then rent a car and finally drive to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.

 Belfast is another great scenery from Game of Thrones, since it hosted the famous Battle of the Bastards, between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton. The region is famous for its cloudy and humid weather, characteristic of the series.

 However, there is still a lot to see, like the National Forest Park, a few miles from Belfast. This location was the stage of the scene where the large wolves were found, known as the Northern forests in the series.

Game Of Thrones Locations
Image: Andrew Hurley / Wikimedia Commons

Ballintoy, Scotland 

 Another tip to enjoy your trip even more is to arrive at Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and enjoy and explore the country further. After that, just rent a car and go to Ballintoy, less than 100 km away.

 Ballintoy is another scenery from Game of Thrones in real life. The place was the set of the land of the Drowned God. It also  has a great view to the sea and some nearby islands. Beyond Ballintoy, Scotland has several medieval and historic towns, and is a lovely destination for those who want to get to know some of Europe\’s classical architecture.

Game Of Thrones Real Sets
Image: Neil Thompson / Flickr

Girona, Spain

 Ever wondered where Arya Stark trained with the Faceless Men? The real-life scenery is in the city of Girona, Spain, in the amazing region of Catalonia.

 Since Girona is more or less 100 km away from Barcelona, you should go to the most famous city first. Then rent a car and notice the differences in the terrain and landscapes of Don Quixote’s country. Once you\’re on the road, get ready to fall in love with Spain all the way.

Game Of Thrones Destinations in Real Life
Image: Craig Wyzik / Flickr
Girona Game Of Thrones Locations
Image: Viator

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