Travel Tips: Paris to London by Train

Check out tips, prices, and schedules to for the train trip from Paris to London 

How about checking out how much a train trip from Paris to London costs and enjoy visiting these two cities on your next trip to Europe? Unlike what many tourists think, traveling with this kind of transportation can be a great choice, and can save you money and time. 

Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading. 

How Much is a Train Trip From Paris To London? 

train london to paris
Credit: Eurostar

Before knowing how much a train trip from Paris to London costs, you need to know that the tickets are officially sold by a company named Eurostar, owner of the trains that make the trip, and by the company Rail Europe. But, to buy the tickets, you can check some other sites as well. However, they probably have an extra tax, so the prices are never the same. 

Directly from Rail Europe, you can find prices coming for at least 56 euros, and remember: the sooner you buy them, the cheaper they get and you have better chances at finding deals.  But be careful: since the destinations are so famous, the tickets tend to sell out very easily.

For exemplo: On a simulation from March 3rd, 2019, we couldn’t find tickets for sale from Paris to London before the March 11th,  2019. 

An adult, boarding on March 11th without a return ticket would find the lowest price at 140 euros. I bet you can now tell how important it is to book your ticket beforehand.

Other Important Tips: 

Boarding Schedule: 

When choosing the day to board, a window on the website page will open, asking you what time, among the 10 daily options, you wish to take. But it doesn’t mean they only offer 10 options. 

Whoever chooses to go at 8 o’clock will see options going until 10 o\’clock.Basically, there are trains leaving the station the whole day. 

Days to Board 

You can travel during the whole week, but if your idea is to know how mucha train trip from Paris to London costs to save money, try buying your tickets between Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the tickets are cheaper.

And a special tip: there are separate routes during summer. In the hotter season, Eurostar connects London to Avignon, a french city that is very important for the Catholic Church\’s history. And, during the winter, the train stations connect important ski spots for those who want to try the sport.   

What Else You Need To Know About The Train Trip From Paris to London

train london to paris
Credit:  Eric Chan / Wikimedia Commomns

Besides the price and buying tips, another thing you need to know about the train trips from Paris to London are how long it takes. In general, it lasts about 2h15 minutes. 

In some cases, when there are stops, the trip is around 3 hours. But, to avoid those extra minutes, choose a straight trip. You can also choose the level of comfort you want to travel with, between first and second class. 

What changes among the classes are the boarding service, so if you don’t really care about this, it’s better to travel in second class, because it is comfortable and cheaper. And, if you get hungry during the trip, you can just visit the on board restaurant and get something for yourself! It’s that simple. 

But, before boarding, remember that you have to go through immigration and the X Ray. Have your passports on hand and get to the station at least 45 minutes early, because the trains are very punctual.   

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