Train Trip from Paris to London: How to Make It

Get all the tips to make the most desired train journey in Europe. The route links London, England, with Paris, France, including an optional stop in Brussels

Are you going to Europe and want to discover more than one country in the same route? So how about taking a train trip from Paris to London? Not all tourists know this option, while others have heard of it, but they think it might be uncomfortable, take too long, or be more expensive than taking the plane, but this post will show you that none of this is true. 

On the contrary: there are several advantages you can enjoy.

How to make a train trip from Paris to London 

train trip paris to london

To make this trip, there is no secret… And, once again, the step by step is easier for the passenger than those required at the airports. 

Imagine the journey to your airport terminal being replaced by a trip to a central train station. Can you imagine? 

Well, this is exactly what you need to do: in Paris, head to Gare du Nord to get a train and get off at St. Pancras station in central London. The only problem, that can also happen at airports, is that you can’t buy your ticket at the last minute, since this route is highly targeted by tourists, so the sooner you book your tickets, the better. If possible, make your reservation 180 days in advance.

However, the trip to the station doesn’t have to be hours in advance: arrive with a time of about 45 minutes and do everything you need, like going through the X-ray and immigration (remember that you will be a tourist, so this step is very important to avoid problems).

Extra tips for a perfect trip 

train trip paris to london
Credit: edmondlafoto / Pixabay


Do you have a lot of luggage, but can’t carry everything? Just pack your bags into the compartments next to your seat without paying for anything. But, if necessary, hire the dispatch. 

Timing of the trip

Unlike flights, which may have restricted schedules and many delays, the train journey from Paris to London can be done at different times during the day, making it much easier for the passenger to schedule. Delays are very rare, and you will be at your destination in just about 2 hours.

Meals on board 

First Class passengers are entitled to free on-board service. But, just because you are saving money on your trip, you don’t have to miss out.

Even on a quick route, you can get hungry. So just go to the wagon where the restaurant is and grab something to eat.

Have to work? Don’t worry… 

If you are traveling First Class you will find a space that can be used to work in the train station itself…

But inside every wagon, there are electrical outlets, ready for cell phone chargers and laptops, which helps a lot if you need to work. There are also back-up tables you can use.

Travel insurance

At last, be sure to hire travel insurance for this journey. If you entered Paris from another country, you probably already arranged it. You don’t want to have unexpected expenses, but safety is never too much. 

To discover even further, visit the Eurostar website where you can get all the necessary information about buying tickets, searching for schedules and more!

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