17 Amazing Places to Visit in Brazil

Discover the most amazing places to visit in Brazil on trips to explore the beauties and tourist destinations of the country.

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and its vast territory is home to several formidable natural landscapes. From north to south, the fauna and flora are always changing and there are numerous places to visit among deserts, heavenly beaches, waterfalls, mountains and forests.

Some spots are also attention worthy to travelers because of architecture and history. Check out this list of 17 places to visit in Brazil.

Chapada Diamantina

Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: Gustavo Teixeira

Where: Bahia 

Why visit? 

Chapada Diamantina was an important area of ​​diamond extraction and the territory contains numerous flooded caves, waterfalls, canyons and natural gazebos. 

Fernando de Noronha 

Credit: Beto Félix

Where: Pernambuco 

Why visit? 

The archipelago contains 21 islands that are approximately 500 km away from the continent. Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places in the world to go snorkeling and diving. 


Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: Fabricio Azevedo

Where: Rio de Janeiro 

Why visit? 

The iconic image of Cristo Redentor is just one of hundreds of attractions to visit in the marvelous city. What sets Corcovado apart from others is the wonderful view it offers, perfect for taking great pictures and admiring the beauties of Rio de Janeiro.


Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: Angela González

Where: Ceará 

Why visit? 

Hidden in the middle of a desert, the small village of Jericoacoara is an ideal destination for long days of sunshine on the beautiful clear water that passes through the village, or in the lagoons spread along the region.

Três Poderes Square 

Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: Julien Ehret

Where: Brasília 

Why visit? 

The city was designed by the legendary architects Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa. The name comes from the presence of the three governmental powers.

Ouro Preto 

Credit: Thinkstock

Where: Minas Gerais 

Why visit? 

If you love baroque architecture and breathtaking churches, this is one of the amazing places to visit in Brazil.  

Chapada dos Veadeiros 

Ceedit: Giovane Paiva

Where: Goiás

Why visit? 

This national park is about 1.8 billion years old. Known as the home of waters, the whole region is cut by beautiful rivers and waterfalls. 

Amazonas River 

Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Tourist destination in Brazil. Credit: GovAmazonas

Where: It is the biggest river in the world, so it crosses a lot of the Brazilian states

Why visit? 

Going through the Amazon River is a great way to explore the beauties of the Amazon forest and you can pass through several communities and indigenous tribes as well as observe nature.

Lençóis Maranhenses

Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: cherly__df

Where: Maranhão 

Why visit? 

With this picture, I believe you don’t need any other specific reason, right? 

São Paulo 

Credit: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

Where: São Paulo

Why visit? 

São Paulo is one of the places to visit in Brazil, because it it the biggest city in all of Latin America. The place breathes culture and has numerous museums, theaters and exhibition galleries. It is also famous for its great restaurants and nightlife. 

Chapada dos Guimarães 

Tourist destination in Brazil. Credit: Viviane Fonseca

Where: Mato Grosso 

Why visit? 

Waterfalls, wildlife, breathtaking views… What else do you need? 


Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: Ambiental Expedições

Where: Mato Grosso do Sul 

Why visit? 

The place concentrates some of the most crystalline rivers in the world! Those who decide to visit Bonito can also enjoy great waterfall and lake baths, discover ancient caves and trek in the middle of preserved forests. 

Mount Roraima 

Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: Expedição 4×4

Where: Roraima

Why visit? 

The mountains are considered one of the oldest geological formations. Great for trekking! 

Porto de Galinhas 

Tourist destination in Brazil. Credit: Arthur Matsuo

Where: Pernambuco 

Why visit? 

Natural pools and beaches with crystalline water, what else do you need to relax and enjoy?

Iguazu Falls 

Credit: William Suárez

Where: Paraná 

Why visit? 

These falls are on the Brazilian border with Argentina. You can ride a helicopter above the falls or walk on a bridge towards the Devil\’s Throat.


Credit: Bruno do Val

Where: Minas Gerais 

Why visit? 

Inhotim is the largest open air museum dedicated to contemporary art in the world. 


Amazing places to visit in Brazil
Credit: Pati Santana

Where: Rio Grande do Norte 

Why visit? 

Walk beside enormous cliffs, enjoy the relaxing climate of a fisherman village, watch a beautiful sunset and swim with dolphins. Are you convinced yet? 

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