How to Submit an Article?

How to Submit an Article?

Welcome to Our Member Guidelines

We believe in the power of travel and how it can transform people and communities. We know that travel needs to be accessible to everyone. Our mission is to change the way people share travel, turning stories and experiences into relevant travel tips for everyone.

Flights & Trip is a collaborative travel guide made by many travelers that publishes topics related to destinations, things to do in cities, tourist attractions, hotels, tourism news, luxury tourism, adventure, experiences and much more. Always communicating directly with its target audience: people who are planning a trip or enjoy traveling.

Our community of travelers keeps growing. The guidelines may change over time to further improve the experience of our members, writers and readers. We’re happy to have you here! 🙂

Who Can Submit a Travel Article Or Text? 

Anyone can submit a travel tip, story or article for free. Flights & Trip is democratic and made for everyone. Publishing a travel article has never been easier, see the benefits of being part of it:

  • For travelers: share your travel tips and experience to your friends, family and help other tourists.

  • For travel agencies: turn your service into news to help tourists who want to know about your work or destination.

  • For travel professionals: write an article about your company and help tourists from all over the world find you.

  • For hotels: create exciting articles showing why your destination is fascinating and catch more tourists.

  • For bloggers and influencers: spread the word about your trip to millions of tourists who search for travel tips on Google.

  • For everyone: Traveling is one of the best experiences in life, get inspired for your next trip or help other travelers like you.

What Do You Need to Know Before Publishing?

We are a community formed by many travelers from all over the world, in a collaborative travel guide format. We publish only content about travel, leisure and culture. 

Within that, there are an infinite number of subjects that we can publish, such as travel tips, travel news, hotels reviews, experiences, tips about things to do in cities, innovation, lifestyle digital nomad, living abroad, trends, research, services and much more.

Want to publish your article? We offer a quick way to publish your travel tip or unpublished article to millions of tourists searching on Google. Check out all the steps:

How You Can Write a Good Article

First steps to a good content

Who will read my article or blog post? Travelers like you. All written content is designed to help travelers who are planning a trip or looking for inspiration. Share your travel tips to your friends, family and people searching for what you have written about.

To create a great article, there are some steps that can help your content have more quality and can be read by even more people.

  • We accept only unpublished texts and travel articles.
  • Good grammar will bring more credibility to your article.
  • Create a catchy title with a main idea and choose a keyword.
  • Research the subject you are going to write about.
  • Write an irresistible first paragraph.
  • Write a short introduction to your topic, usually in 3 or 4 paragraphs.
  • Break down your idea into subtitles, so it is easier to write step by step.
  • Insert external links to help readers who want more information about your topic.

How to choose a great keyword?

You have total freedom when writing your news, article or blog post. That way, turn your idea into news format, with catchy titles talking about the subject of your text. Our publications can be in the format of Travel Tips, Travel News, Travel Reviews, Inspiration Lists, Advice to Help Tourists or Others. Always dealing with themes about travel, leisure and culture.

Example of articles:

  • What I Learned Traveling The World
  • Travel Tips: Paris to London by Train 
  • The Best View in Paris: Shangri-La Hotel  
  • Italy: The 6 Best Restaurants in Rome
  • Free Online French Classes for Your Trip
  • Best Time to Visit Japan 

As you have seen, titles are written in news format to attract more readers interested in what you have to say. The main words, also called keywords, are always displayed in the title and subtitles of the text. So Google understands what theme you are talking about, to attract tourists interested in your topics.

Content Policy

  • We do not promote illegal professionals and guides;
  • We do not promote attractions that abuse animals;
  • We do not publish attractions of dubious ethical character;
  • We do not publish texts with hostile tones about a certain place; 
  • We do not advertise illegal tours or tourist activities;
  • We do not publish content with prejudiced, political or religious purposes;
  • We do not publish news without official sources or of doubtful character;
  • We do not publish content that disrespects gender, ethnicity or cultural customs;
  • We may remove links that are irregular or prohibited by our user policy.
  • We do not promote any disrespectful content or content that may damage the image of something or someone;

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