How to Open a Bank Account in Europe? N26 Digital Bank

Foreigners can now create bank accounts in Europe and the United States using only their passport number, even without citizenship

If you are planning on doing an exchange program, live in Europe, the United States or work for a company abroad, pay attention. Opening a bank account in Europe or in your destination country is essential to move money around with less fees. Moreover, it is extremely necessary to have savings in euros or dollars and be able to receive your salary without having to convert it every time you get paid.

For those who are living or want to live abroad, you also need to be careful not to pay unnecessary taxes. Opening a bank account in Europe is just one of the issues that arise for those who are going to move or spend some time abroad. If you are going to study or work in some European or American country, an account to receive payments in local currency is extremely important. Creating a bank account in Europe is very simple, see how you can register at N26 Digital Bank.

Is it Worth Opening a Bank Account in Europe?

Open a Bank Account in Europe
How to Open a Bank Account in Europe. Credit: N26

One of the benefits of having a European or American bank account is the money you save in currency exchange, debit and credit payments. International cards are usually valid throughout Europe and the United States. In some cases, depending on your bank, exchange values are updated daily. 

For short trips, the best way to handle unwanted taxes is taking part of your money in dollars or euros (depending on where you are going), because it avoids paying the tax in part of the amount you will spend during the trip. The credit card, on the other hand, can be good for accumulating miles, but that makes your stay abroad more expensive.

How to Open a Bank Account in Europe?

If you are going to live in another country, one way of avoiding these unnecessary fees is to have a bank account in Europe (or wherever you are going). N26 Digital Bank can be your answer.

Mainly because it is easy to open an account without fixed fees and because you can do this without having to prove your address. This way, customers can receive their European debit or credit card at home. Opening an account is very simple, you can follow this step by step after checking out our tips.

The company also accepts people who have a passport and they only ask for a valid address in Europe or in some other country accepted by N26. Remember that it is also important to have a cell phone number from the same country.

As we mentioned before, the address you use to open your account doesn’t have to be your home address, but it must be a valid address, since that is where the physical card will arrive. See below at which countries you can open an account on N26.

In Which Countries Can I Open a N26 Account?

Although it is accepted at ATMs and establishments almost everywhere in the world, since it is associated with the MasterCard flag, if you want to open an account at N26 Digital Bank, you will need to have an address in one of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom or the United States.

This way, people who already have an address and a telephone number in one of these countries can register, even if they live somewhere else. Some of them choose to open a bank account before travelling and ask someone to receive the card for them so they can already get there with an international card. Opening a bank account on  N26 is very simple.

What is N26 Digital Bank and How Does it Work?

A digital bank modernizes all banking processes, using apps to manage bank accounts, make transactions and communicate with clerks.. As such, N26 Bank works just like a normal bank, but because it has no physical branches and less costs, these fintechs – as digital technology and finance companies are called – are able to charge less amounts on transactions, avoiding the fees of traditional banks.

Among them, Bank N26 has become a fast option for people who want to open an account in Europe, the United States and several countries as we listed above.

Practically all your operations will be done in your Online Banking, accessed on computer or in the app on your phone. You can send and receive payments, check your balance, block the card, manage investments and make online payments. For customer support, talk to a human clerk available every day of the week.

You receive your physical card in less than a week, without having to fill out papers. Opening an account with an international online bank like N26 is much easier. These banks partner with credit and debit card flags to make operations easier. Most of them offer free bank accounts, like N26. Learn how fast it is to create your bank account in Europe without spending anything, sign up.

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