European Airline Sells Tickets Starting at €9

Meet Ryanair and see what it\’s like to fly with one of Europe\’s leading low-cost companies

If you are planning an economical trip to Europe, Ryanair can be an important ally for your journey. It\’s really easy to find flights practically for free. In a quick search in January 2021, we found prices from Paris to Vienna for only €7.12, to travel on March 7, or from Berlin to Toulouse, France, for only €8.99, for end of March trips.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Ryanair is certainly one of Europe\’s leading low-cost airlines. With the purpose of offering really cheap and attractive flights, the company connects more than 200 European destinations with flights that cost only EUR 9 a segment, and sometimes less. Ideal for those looking for cheap airline tickets to travel within Europe.

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Operating for more than 30 years and regulated to fly in almost all of European capitals, Ryanair was born from an unconventional dream at the time: to offer low-cost air services to the main European regions. And it worked!

The big difference of low cost is the price! With much cheaper air tickets, surely you can imagine that not everything is perfect, but depending on what you want, it may pay out. As practically all air tickets vary in price, these values are for purchases made in advance, but this is not the rule.

What is it like flying with Ryanair?

Ryanair uses several strategies to keep the fares lower, so this is the type of company for passengers who are willing to give up comfort to save money during the trip. Some tips are important for passengers to save money. Understand, for example, how the airline company keeps such a low price on so many flights.

If you are planning to fly with the airline, remember that the low cost is due to the minimum expenses that the company has when transporting passengers. For example, in-flight services, luggage and other luxuries are paid extra, such as rescheduled seating or changing flights. The airline also sells products through its on-board catalog, selling in-flight meals, snacks, beauty products, perfume and various accessories.

Ryanair charges for almost all extra services and products that were previously free, such as food and beverages on board. In addition, the company only allows each passenger to travel with a handbag on the cheapest tickets. Will you bring extra luggage? Buying extra luggage space after buying the ticket is cheaper than requesting it a few hours before the flight.

Because it\’s a low cost company, sometimes Ryanair operates in smaller airports, some a little distant from the commercial centers and the main destinations, as is the case of trips to London, Paris and Milan. So do not forget to look at your destination’s airport and see the best way to get to your hotel or downtown.

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Is It Worth Flying With Ryanair?

As seen in the previous topic, Ryanair is a solution for those who want low prices without demanding the amenities found in other European companies. If your trip is fast, for example a 2 hour stretch or less, it is worth the effort to save some money.

Remember that the planes are smaller and the spaces between the cabins are reduced. There are also no simple amenities like tilting the seat, choosing a window or aisle without paying for it, or some simple rights such as hotels in case of flight cancellations, among others.

How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets With Ryanair?

Did you buy a ticket for a good price? Don\’t forget to print your boarding pass beforehand, it will appear in your email right after the purchase. Check in online at least 15 hours in advance, this can avoid overbooking.

If you don\’t print your boarding pass before at your own expense, this service at Ryanair is also paid for and costs almost €15. Now do you understand how the airline can charge so little? They have reduced all costs to be able to charge less and are mainly dedicated to carefree travelers.

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Is It Safe to Travel With Ryanair?

Although the prices are really low, the airline has no recent cases of problems selling cheap airline tickets. Obviously, security follows the same standard as other airlines in the world, since the company has been operating in hundreds of European destinations for a few decades.

How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets in Europe?

For those who already have a destination in mind, go to the page to locate flights and enter your city of origin and destination. Choose the dates and whether the trip will be a one-way or round trip. If you want to find cheap tickets leaving your destination, just go directly to the offers page.

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