How is France Handling the Return of Tourism?

Travel agents that live in France report border situations, attractions and travel. Learn more about the return of tourism in the country. 

France is one of the world’s most desired destinations. Because of this, many travelers wonder when it will be possible to travel around the country again, looking for information about borders and returning attractions. Gradually, France is coming back to normal. 

In May, restaurants, shops and cafes were working in delivery systems, but they only opened their doors on June 2nd. That same month, the French government announced support measures worth 18 billion euros to protect the tourism sector against impacts caused by the pandemic. The country\’s borders were reopened on June 15th for nations in the Schengen area – the European Union\’s free movement zone. 

On July 1st, the borders were also opened for some countries outside the European Union. Recently, the most famous Parisian attractions have also begun to reopen. The Louvre Museum has been accepting visitors since last Monday (7th), after being closed for four months. 

To understand the whole situation in France, we interviewed Luiz Antonio Ferreira, a Brazilian who lives in the country, and followed each phase of this process very closely.

Return of Tourism in France: Attractions, Borders, and Travel

tourism in France

Can You Tell About The Current Situation in France From a Resident\’s View? Has There Been Effective Action and Concern From The local government?

A: COVID-19 seems to have fallen behind and the concern now is to fight the economic damage. Many restaurants have closed (1 in 5 couldn\’t take it) and hundreds of other segments are very shaken. Many people estimate that, starting in September, when schools return, there will be many social protests.

The government helped as it could, lending money at low interest rates due the next year, but many companies are not interested in getting into debt to get through a situation that never seems to end.

Has The General Population Respected Social Distancing Norms? How Has Your Personal Life Been These Last Two Months?

A: People started respecting the laws once police started finding them. Initially they weren\’t taking it very seriously. My personal life is normal, just like before. The difference is that I always carry a mask in my pocket, because to enter closed places, the use is mandatory. I also shake hands a lot less with people I know.

How is This Return to Normality Occurring?

A: Well, I think France has managed the crisis well.

How is The Reopening of Tourism in The Country at The Moment?

A: The borders are already open. However, countries with complications in crisis management, such as the US, Brazil and Russia, are forbidden from entering at the moment.

How are The International Flights Arriving in France? Are There Many Restrictions and Security Measures You Can Tell Us About? 

A: From what I understand, they are not very strict since the tourists come from countries with the right to access French territory.

Has France Launched Health Insurance Packages For Tourists and Residents? If So, What Are Your Expectations?

A: Health is public here, tests are free. In this sense, access to health remains equal and for everyone.

What Places and Attractions in France Are Agencies Prioritizing Right Now?

A: There is a lot of advertising in the media for travel within France. French people, in general, travel around the world a lot and we always see advertising for exotic places. But this year they\’re advertising France a lot. Local travel is a trend at this beginning of the new normal.

Could You Tell Us What Are The Main Precautions Being Taken Regarding Hotels, Restaurants, Visits and Attractions, etc?

A: In restaurants, tables are spread apart and they use QR Code menus. At the attractions, advance ticket purchases and masks are mandatory. In the hotel business, a lot of sanitization, following protocols required by local health agencies. 

Have You Received Any Requests From Tourists to Travel Later This Year or in 2021? If So, What Are The Most Common Questions at The Moment?

A: At the moment we have no requests for 2020, but we get a lot of questions like \”when will I be able to travel to France? People are waiting for this date so they can plan their trip safely.

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