Best Time to Visit The Caribbean

Discover what to consider when planning your trip to the Caribbean 

  White sand, impeccable blue water, a great opportunity to relax in nature… These are some of the things that people look for when they want to travel to the Caribbean.

 But there is always the question about when to go, so we decided to share what you should consider while making your decision.

Best Time to Visit The Caribbean According to The Weather 

Credit: Creative Commons Zero – CC0

 To many people, the best time to visit the Caribbean is when it is out of hurricane season, which occurs between July and November. August and September are the months with larger chances of hurricanes.

 This period is summer on that part of the globe. It also means that it is the rainy season. But be calm: YES, it is possible to have a great trip, and a lot of tourists choose to travel to the Caribbean in these months, because prices are much lower and the water is warmer.

 It is rare to have really ruined trips, just keep an eye on the weather forecast. In fact, there are cruises that pass by in the summer without having to change their route.

 But if you don’t want to take any risks, our tip is to plan a trip to the Caribbean without the “hurricane route” destinations, such as Venezuela, Aruba and Colombia.

  Another option is to travel between December and April, the local winter. The only problem is that it’s considered high season, so expect to more expensive tickets, tours and lodging, especially if you are going for New Year’s. 

 As for the weather, don’t worry: the nights will be cooler on these months and the water won’t be that warm, but you can still have a lot of fun.

Alternative Months to Visit The Caribbean

best time to visit caribbean
Credit: Jonathan Palombo / Wikimedia Commons

 To run away from the high and low season, choose the middle ground. 

  April, as mentioned before, is the best month to travel in the winter, as well as May, when it starts getting hot and rainy.  Either way, keep in mind that the best time to visit the Caribbean will depend on the destination you choose. The ones mentioned above, for example, are off the hurricane route, while other famous ones, such as the Bahamas, Cuba and the Cayman Islands, are more likely to be hit by this phenomenon.

But, just like we said: many people travel considering that risk and don’t regret it. The scenarios are always beautiful and the experience are unique!

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