Best Time to Visit Japan

This incredible country is full of attractions during the whole year, but it depends on each tourist to decide the best time to visit Japan based on what they want to see there

First of all, there is not necessarily a better time to go to Japan. With pretty defined seasons and distinct attractions in each, the country also has places to see all year long, like the vibrant Tokyo, which pleases all types of public.

Anyway, you should pay attention to some details. For example: snow, typhoons and high temperatures have their own schedule, so it helps to study these factors for a perfect trip.

Would The Best Time to Visit Japan Be During The Summer? 

Best Time To Visit Japan
Credit: Sora Sagano / Unsplash

Temperatures around 30ºC (or more), sunny days and great for enjoying the coastal areas, such as the beaches of Okinawa. These facts show summer as the best time to go to Japan and have fun during the days.

But this season, between June to September, is the one with the highest possibilities of rains and even risk of typhoons, more frequent in the period’s last two months. 

The same can be said of the winter: even though the temperatures are low, they don\’t stop the indoor tours. Not to mention that those who enjoy snow sports can visit ski structures, for example Niigata, and make the trip to Japan even more exciting. 

In general, the best times to visit this destination are during fall and spring, which offer soft temperatures, perfect for outdoor trips to enjoy the country\’s natural beauty.

Talking about fall, the orange vegetation is breathtaking, while during the spring, for 10 days, the cherry trees bloom creating numerous pink landscapes. In fact, other flowers are also celebrated with festivals during the season, such as azalea and wisteria.

What to Do in Tokyo During a Trip to Japan 

best time to visit japan
Credit: Jezael Melgoza / Unsplash

As mentioned before, you can visit Tokyo all year long, since it has both indoor and outdoor attractions. And believe me: it\’s a LOT to see!

In fall, for example, one of the best programs is visiting the Disney parks in the area to check out Halloween decorations, more specifically in October. The National Museum of Tokyo, with its antiquities that teach a lot about the country, is worth the visit in any month.

The same goes for restaurants and cafes, remembering that tasting local dishes is virtually mandatory.Have you set the best time to go to Japan according to your availability and what you want to see there, but still have questions about the destination? Let us know in the comments box.

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