8 Amazing Trips to Enjoy in Amazon Rainforest

Check out 8 amazing trips to take in the largest forest of the world travelling in Brazilian Amazon!

 The Amazon Rainforest has colossal proportions and great tourist potential, there are more than 5 million square kilometers across 9 countries. In Brazil, the Amazon occupies 60% of its whole territory, covering 8 states. From forests, to planned cities and freshwater beaches, it will be hard to get bored in the world’s largest rainforest. Check out 8 trips to enjoy in the northern region of Brazil.

Macapá and Afuá (Ilha do Marajó)

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Matyas Rehak / Shutterstock
Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Rômulo Ferreira / Flickr

  Cut by the Equator, the capital of the state of Amapá has some interesting and curious spots that can be discovered at fun outdoor tours.

  Get to know the destination’s typical flavors and dishes at the Central Market, see the city’s history at Fortaleza de Macapá and check out an impressive collection of regional animals and plants at the Sacaca Museum.

  Macapá is located in front of Marajó Island, a few minutes away from the city of Afuá, known as \”Marajoara Venice\” and \”Amsterdam of the Tropics\”, because it is entirely built on stilts.

 The different geography makes Afuá an attraction in itself. There, boats, bicycles and bike taxis, known as bicitáxis, are the main means of transportation. To cool off from the typical Amazonian heat, you can take a swim in the Amazon River and visit the city’s nearby islands.

River Routes 

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Dea e Bruno / Shutterstock
Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Gvictoria / Shutterstock

The most traditional and well-known route to backpackers and adventurers who decide to explore the Amazon region connects the two main capitals of the Amazon Forest, Manaus and Belém.

 There are 1606 km of waterways, most of them in the Amazon River, which can be completed in 5 days by boat if you follow the water flow (Manaus x Belém) and 6 in the opposite direction (Belém x Manaus). The boats offer simple or more sophisticated options and the boat stops at several cities along the rivers during its course.

  Here is a tip to enjoy and get to know the Amazonian Forest better: Stop for a few days in Manaus, Belém and Santarém, located in the middle of the path and entrance gate to the charming village of Alter do Chão.

Monte Roraima

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: adwo / Shutterstock
Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Paolo Costa Baldi / Wikimedia Commons

 Located on the highest point in the north of Brazil, Monte Roraima is among the oldest geological formations of the planet. Being the seventh highest peak in Brazil, this is the kind of destination that every adventurer wants to visit at least once in his life.

 Travel agencies offer this classic trekking for a minimum duration of 9 days, which can be made longer. The scenarios are really charming. During the walk, the stops are at waterfalls, lakes, very different rock formations, rocky walls and gazebos that offer a unique view of the place. Other curiosities are the endemic species of animals and plants, such as carnivorous plants and tiny frogs. 

If you have more time in the area, try to get to know the Angel Falls. At 979 meters high, it is the largest waterfall in the world. The entrance to the attraction is in the Venezuelan part of Monte Roraima, and the tour can usually be hired at tourist agencies.

Manaus and Presidente Figueiredo

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Filipe Frazao / Shutterstock
Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Mário Oliveira / MTUR

  The capital of Amazonas is a few kilometers from another unusual city that is very different from the other destinations from the northern region of the country: Presidente Figueiredo.

 Known as \”The Land of Amazonian waterfalls\”, President Figueiredo earned its fame due to its beautiful waterfalls and caves. The city is only 107 km from Manaus and it deserves some days to gaze at the region’s well preserved nature.

 Sanctuary Waterfall, Pedra Furada Waterfall and the Cave of Judea, adorned by a fine waterfall and rocky walls of curious shapes, are all must-sees. 

Santarém and Alter do Chão (Amazon Caribbean)

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Gabor Kovacs Photography / Shutterstock
Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Gustavo Albano

  Santarém, the third most populous city in the state of Pará has its own airport and is the quickest way to get to Alter do Chão. Even though it is small, the village is located at the most beautiful point of the Tapajós River and has easy access to many other wonders of this area, known for its wonderful river beaches.

  After discovering the charms of Ilha do Amor, you will find the riverside communities of the Tapajós River, such as Jamaraquá and Maguary, two tribes located within the Tapajós National Forest, FLONA, an environmental preservation area with thousand-year-old trees.

  Another highlight of the region is the Arapiuns River, an affluent water course of the Tapajós river with numerous charming communities and wild beaches, formed by impressive white sand banks.

  If you want to know more about the history of the region, pay a visit to the town of Belterra and the ghost town of Fordland, 30 km from Santarém.

Manaus, Novo Airão, Arquipélago Anavilhanas & Jaú National Park 

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Ana Claudia Jatahy / MTUR

The Anavilhanas Archipelago forms one of the most biodiverse regions of Rio Negro. Considered a National Park, the area is home to one of the largest freshwater archipelagos on the planet, with around 400 islands. 

  The Anavilhanas National Park is located between the cities of Manaus and Novo Airão, and is also known for the white sand beaches that are formed during dry season.

  Those who arrive in Novo Airão can still choose to stay a few more days in the region and get to know the beauties of the Jaú National Park as well. You can decide between staying at a jungle hotel in the county and getting to know both attractions by yourself or boarding on traditional boat expeditions that pass by the reserves.

Belém & Marajó Island (Ilha do Marajó)

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Bruna Brandão / MTur

  Located at where the Amazon river meets the Atlantic Ocean, Island of Marajó has one of the most well preserved and beautiful areas in the state of Pará. Divided into 12 cities, Soure and Salvaterra are the most visited by tourists arriving from Belém. 

  The Island of Marajó is surrounded by mysteries and stories of ancient indigenous tribes that lived in advanced societies. These tribes perfected the art of modeling clay and produced the marajoara pottery, a tradition of the island that survives to this day.

The highlights are the deserted beaches and farms of Soure, such as Bom Jesus Farm and São Jerônimo Farm, famous for being scenarios of Brazilian TV Show “No Limite”.

Rio Branco and Porto Velho

Trips in Amazon Rainforest
Image: Assis Lima / MTur

 Rio Branco is located near the triple border between Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. This is the destination for those who really want to know the heart of the largest rainforest on the planet, since the capital of the state of Acre is in one of the most isolated points of the Amazon.

  The city is surrounded by diverse environmental reserves and indigenous tribes, it is a little explored tourist destination and contains an eclectic scenery of beliefs, races, customs and cultural manifestations.

  Porto Velho is 515 km away from Rio Branco, on the corners of the Madeira River. The city was founded by the U.S. American company Madeira Mamoré Railway, during the construction of the railroad of the same name, which was considered an audacious development at the time.

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